Chapel House

Chapel House

Whilst we love the wild wild west of westest West  Cornwall, the rugged landscapes, the wild seas and the solitary cliff top walks, here at  EbbFlow we do like to sometimes pull on our posh shoes and dabble in our local town, the bustling metropolis that is Penzance.

The end of the line, literally, and for some, metaphorically, Penzance has long been seen as the kind of redneck cousin to the more glamorous neighbours of Falmouth and St Ives. But it seems that the ‘times they are a changin’ down in old PZ.

 The Jubilee Pool, once threatened with closure after heavy storms battered her beautiful art deco bones, has been revived and reopened, a shining beacon to what can be achieved when a dedicated and passionate group of people wholeheartedly believe in restoring and rejuvenating the tarnished jewels of our architectural past.

Alongside the renovation of the pool, one of Penzance’s finest buildings, The Chapel House, has also recently undergone an incredible transformation. Over a period of 2 years, the new owner has stripped it back to the roots of its former Georgian glory whilst weaving in some truly incredible touches of modern architecture.


Now a glorious boutique hotel, guests can choose from 6 wonderful rooms, each with its own distinctive personality, each with its own special view of the magnificent Mounts Bay and beyond. A home from home almost, guests are invited to use the basement kitchen as if it were their own, whilst wellies and wax jackets are provided for even the most blustery coastal walks. Hues of grey, eclectic art, deep, wonderful baths and soft sumptuous beds await the tired traveler lucky enough to have secured a room.

The new owner, Susan, was incredibly kind to let Ebb +Flow use The Chapel House to photograph our Hamam towels. Looking around, we ran out of superlatives to describe just how beautiful this building is. We hope some of the pictures do it justice.

If you’re heading down this way, we highly recommend you stray from the beaten path a little and take a foray into Penzance. You never know, you might just be surprised at what you find.

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