Why you need a Hammam Towel...

Why you need a Hammam Towel...

Here at EbbFlow we are passionate about Hammam Towels...simply because they are so very useful. They are the perfect companion for life's adventures as well as life's day to day. For mums and surfers, globe-trotters, glampers, yoga-lovers, picnic-ers, beach bums, home-makers, festival-goers, and good ol' free-spirits....the Hammam Towel is for you!


A beautiful, traditionally made product, they are woven in Turkey using 100% cotton in bright, stylish designs. From Turkey to Cornwall they bring us a lightweight, versatile, and robust towel which has many many uses.  

Mums, pop one in your bag and bingo you have the perfect breast-feeding cover, baby blanket, emergency towel and impromptu picnic blanket!

Globe-trotters, no self-respecting traveller should be seen without a Hammam Towel! It packs down so neatly into your bag and offers you the most versatile of all travelling accessories. Use it as a sarong, beach towel, bath towel, shawl, blanket...in fact, do you need to pack anything else?! (maybe some pants)  

Glampers, enjoy simple luxury while enjoying the outdoors. Drape one around your shoulders in the morning chilly air, wrap it around you after showering, lie on the grass and look up at the stars. 

Yoga-lovers, use the cool cotton to cover your yoga mat and wrap up in for relaxation. Everyone will want one!

Picnic-ers, who doesn't love a spontaneous picnic or last minute beach BBQ in the summer? Grab your Hammam Towel on the way out the door and you have a a stylish blanket to sit on and soft shawl for your shoulders when the evening gets chilly.

Beach-bums, look no further for the perfect beach towel. So practical for the beach a Hammam Towel folds up small, is super-absorbent, fast drying, and won't pick up sand. What more can you ask for?!

Home-makers, the elegant designs, stunning colours and hand-knotted tassels mean Hammam Towels make super stylish throws and table cloths. 

Festival-goers, the ultimate in cool festival accessories. Do not even think about going to a festival without one! 

So there you are, the Hammam Towel is pretty useful! But shhhhh, don't tell anyone or they'll all want one! 








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