Dreaming of Italy

Dreaming of Italy

Take me back to summers in Italy where the cicadas buzz and the Cypress trees grandly sway in the breeze. To long lunches in the shade and sleepy afternoons by the pool. Warm evenings strolling through the town and late ice-creams at the gelateria. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh...

Italy, Borgo Torale, Lake Trassimeno

There's nothing like February in Cornwall to get the wanderlust sparking and the mind dreaming of holidays gone-by. The sweet smells of warm suncream and cold gin & tonics. The relaxed flip flop of feet on warm paved streets and the smells of bountiful Mediterranean cooking. 

Borgo Torale, Lake Trasimeno

The beautiful Borgo Torale  is located above Lake Trasimeno in Umbria, the 'green heart' of Italy. Once a small hamlet the Borgo is perfect for a family holiday or a gathering with friends - the relaxed ambience means you really can make it your own. The owner, Roberto is a true Italian gentleman and so warm and welcoming. He loves the bambinos!

Lovely Roberto, the owner at Borgo Torale

Of course, Ebb Flow on location couldn't miss the opportunity for a photo shoot by the pool. In the shade of the olive tree, and adorned in ponchos and towels, the children look pretty chilled. 

Ebb Flow Cornwall, children's ponchos and hammam towels

We did promise them an ice-cream in return!

Ebb Flow Cornwall ponchos and hammam towels

Is there anything better than hanging out by a pool in the warm summer sunshine - when the biggest decision of the day is what time you should open the bar, and whether you can be bothered to go for another dip! 

Navy Hendra hammam towel, perfect for the pool

Dappled olive tree shade makes for some lovely shots.

Ebb Flow Cornwall in Italy. Hammam towels in the shade of an olive tree

Exploring beautiful Umbria and Tuscany is a total joy. Medieval hilltop towns such as Cortona, Montepulciano and San Gimignano are picturesque and truly magical. Head out to find backstreet cafes for a cup of the finest coffee, a lazy lunch of simple and delicious chichetti and then just one more gelato because you're on holiday! Be sure to absorb every last drop of this Italian loveliness, grab it with both hands and all of your senses.   

Exploring Tuscany

Back to Cornwall in February where the rain is slicing horizontally from the Atlantic and the cold wind blows. The hedonistic summer days definitely seem a long distant memory. But then we glance outside and daffodils are in bloom, the birds are tweeting, the days are getting longer and there's a sense in the air that summer really is just around the corner.

Borgo Totale, Lake Trasimeno, Italy



Feb 26, 2018 • Posted by Helen Jay

Borgo Torale – the most perfect venue for a family Wedding. Then a follow-up visit 5 years later with the bambinos! A holiday made in Italian heaven! What’s our next excuse to visit Roberto?

Feb 15, 2018 • Posted by Helen

Love this! Dreaming of summer…..!

Feb 15, 2018 • Posted by Ann Lees

The most amazing memories of a beautiful place – Borgo Torale -Umbria – Our 2nd visit perfect

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