Meet The Founders

Meet The Founders


Anna and Alice

On meeting...

We met at baby swimming with our first babies in 2015. We bonded over a shared desire to keep our brains active, remain creative and talk and laugh about things other than babies.

On ebbflowcornwall beginnings...

We both had a strong love for Cornwall and the freedom and quality of life we were enjoying within our families. The seeds of our business were grown from Anna’s idea to sell Hammam Towels near our beautiful local beach, something we'd not seen in Cornwall. I loved the idea and she agreed to me joining her in her quest for the best quality towels we could find. We happened upon Rasim who has won awards for his Hammam Towels, made from Turkish cotton and produced in the Aegean region of Turkey. We have worked with him ever since and are proud of our personal relationship, the small scale production and quality of product.

Now we had the product it was time to come up with a plan to get them out there and the website was created. Slowly slowly ebbflowcornwall was born.

From the early foundations of our brand we have always kept our love of family and Cornwall at the heart. We're incredibly proud that our product range now includes changing robes and blankets and a carefully curated selection of other brands. Our focus is on finding products that are natural and sustainable, as well as versatile and long lasting.

On challenges...

Getting any business off the ground is hard, but having small children in tow meant it was very much a stop start process.

One particular memory was when we did an event, both of us in the later stages of pregnancy, carrying boxes, setting up our gazebo, melting in the heat and finishing the day on minus money because we didn’t sell enough to cover the cost of the event. Sometimes when the tiredness overwhelmed, we would take it in turns to sleep at the back of the gazebo! However we stuck with it and are proud of our organic growth. We believe that these experiences have gone towards making our business and partnership what it is today.

On growing...

ebbflowcornwall is now going from strength to strength, with our online sales and community growing. We are proud of our new shop in Penzance which opened in June 2022 and is a flag ship store for our brand and a great place to meet our customers and gain feedback to grow our product range.

Our wholesale business is growing with reps in the UK, Belgium and Sweden. We are excited about what the future will bring as we grow our brand abroad and in the UK, and we will always be proud of the love and passion which has gone into creating ebbflowcornwall which is loved by many and a big part of the Penzance community and our own families.


Alice's hero product - The Logan Hammam Towel

'A perfect companion for all seasons - in the Winter a scarf, in the Summer a sarong and always in my backpack for the beach or travelling when it gets used to keep cosy on journeys or as a useful pillow!

Anna's hero product - The Changing Robe

'I use this all the time - changing for surfing, swimming or pootling back to the tent whilst camping. I love how quickly it dries and how small it packs in to my bag. The beautiful colours make me so happy'



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