How To Choose Your Hammam Towel

All of our hammam towels are designed to be used as towels, as each one is absorbent, lightweight, quick drying and 100% cotton. The beauty of the hammam towel is that it can be used not just as a towel, but also as a scarf, a wrap, a throw, or a blanket. 
ebbflowcornwall 100% cotton hammam towels

Chunky Weave Hendra

Grey Hendra hammam towel by ebbflowcornwall


With a thicker weave our Hendra has the most generous, luxury feel. We love this hammam towel for use as a shawl, blanket and a throw. Snuggle into it on a plane, wrap around your shoulders on a chilly evening and embrace it for all its multi uses. 


Size: 100 x 185cm

Weight: 0.5kg


Soft Weave Logan

Orange Logan Hammam Towel by ebbflowcornwall

With a super-soft, herringbone weave, the Logan is the cosiest of our towels. Slightly lighter in weight than the Hendra, but with the same luxurious feeling, we love to use it as a scarf in the colder months and as a soft and cosy throw at home. 


Size: 95 x 180cm

Weight: 0.4kg 


Mellow Weave Gylly

Green Hammam Towel by ebbflowcornwall


Similar to the Logan in feel and weave, the Gylly is soft and cosy. With sections of natural stripe running through the herringbone weave it has a more earthy appeal. 


Size: 95cm x 180cm

Weight: 0.4 kg 


Light Weave Chappie

Cornish Blue Chappie Hammam Towel by ebbflowcornwall


Bright and light and perfect for families, The Chappie is super practical with a quick drying, tight weave.  With a choice of bold and beautiful colours, there's a towel for each member of the family. Indestructible and hard wearing they can be washed and washed. Lightweight and easily packed away for days at the beach, holidays and everyday trips to the pool. 


Size: 95 x 180cm

Weight: 0.3kg


Gentle Weave Bryher


With a similar feel to the Chappie, but with a classic ticking stripe, this towel is both practical and stylish. Its muted colour palette is ideal for lovers of the Scandi vibe. It can be worn as a scarf or used as the perfect travel towel. 


Size: 95 x 180cm

Weight: 0.3kg


Bold Weave Zennor


Our Zennor is light and bright and has the same weave as the Chappie and Bryher. Robust and vibrant it can be washed and washed and packed away easily when space is tight. Perfect for the beach and travelling it also makes a lovely sarong. 


Size: 95cm x 180cm

Weight: 0.3 kg






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Apr 05, 2023 • Posted by Anne

Different prices are displayed for the same product.

Dear Ebb Flow, I am a great fan of your products and have just visited your site to look for some gifts but was disappointed to see that the towels you have listed for £28 on this page https://ebbflowcornwall.co.uk/blogs/news/how-to-choose-your-hammam-towel are actually £30 when you come to purchase them!

I appreciate this may be because you haven’t updated your website but it does give potential customers the impression of being overcharged!

Thank you,


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